About Us

Delivering timeless, innovative products of the highest quality is the hallmark of Wyndel Property Group.

For more than 20 years, Wyndel Property Group has been developing prestige properties around Sydney. Diversification plays a key role in our operation, and while an area of specialty are luxury residential homes, townhouses and apartments around Sydney, we have also developed a significant number of commercial, retail and industrial buildings.

Since our inception, Wyndel has been defined by the quality of our services and the products we deliver. We closely monitor projects from concept to completion and commission independent building surveyors to undertake periodical inspections, thus ensuring quality throughout the construction process. The benefits are reduced Owners’ Corporation fees and ongoing building maintenance. Simply, better value for purchasers.

Research plays a large part in how we approach our developments. We thoroughly research the market to understand the needs and desires of the end user/purchaser of our products. An integral part of our strategy is identifying well positioned sites and then creating innovative product, designed to suit purchasers and also compliment the property’s surrounding environs and the precinct in which it is located.

We also put together specialist teams of contractors for each indivdual project. This approach allows greater flexibility and innovation and enables Wyndel to enagage the best people for the project.

In addition, we provide outstanding after-sales service and support long after a property has been purchased. That can encompass handling Owners’ Corporations problems or dealing with building issues.